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Started from a NY Crosby Street studio in 2008, Dana's eponymous label evolved from a fixation with simple unembellished garments, and an interest in more staple-minded fashionability.

With portraits of everyday people shot by Jody Rogac, she debuted 12 collections carried by over 50 international boutiques, pausing operations in 2017.

One of few females with a stake in casual menswear, Dana's practical journey began cutting samples and patterns in a shirt factory, followed by a non-eponymous men's brand for 3 years. With formative years in downtown New York, Dana is originally from the Canadian Northwest.

In appreciation of uniqueness, longevity, & process, Dana Lee clothing and many of their textiles are intimately made within Canada & the USA, with a focus on house-formulated color, classic natural materials and unapologetically simple forms. 

After a 5 year hiatus, Dana Lee is thrilled to be returning this year.

More on history, hiatus & upcoming return: